Tuning the Vine presents two epic midweek wine adventures not to be missed – the #InnerCityWineRoute, which takes place in Cape Town’s Innercity on the second Wednesday of every month, and the #JoziWineRoute, which takes place in 4th Avenue, Parkhurst on the first Wednesday of March, April and May 2017.
Each route includes the hippest venues and showcases a wide variety of delicious South African wines and talented winemakers!

The #InnerCityWineRoute starts at 5.30pm and tastings end at 8.30pm and the #JoziWineRoute starts at 6pm and tastings end at 9pm. Venues are open till late so you can stay wherever you are and continue to have fun.

So take to the streets and join the hundreds of happy wine tuners, helpful wine fairies and be part of the wine loving fun!